“ Wait until nightfall to read “Malevolents”. A genuinely frightening experience. Proper horror peeping from every dark corner.!.”  Reece Shearsmith – (League of Gentlemen, Psychoville, Inside No.9)

“Expertly Builds Suspence” Rue Morgue Magazine

“Loved the concept – Really Enjoyed it!”  David Sandberg (Director of ‘Lights Out’ / Annabelle Creation)

“ You’ll want to read it again as soon  as you’ve finished” Comics Anonymous

“ Will chill you to the bone” Dread Central

“The pages of Malevolents transported me back to teenage nights of telling each other Ghost Stories. Proper goosebumps.”  Andy Nyman  (Actor/Director and co-writer of award winning  ‘Ghost Stories The Show)e’)

“ By far the best horror story I’ve read in a long while.” Comic Bastards

“ I’ve read it thrice over now, and thrice over it has chilled to the bone marrow.”  Horrornovelreviews

“ A B&W horror comic that is suitably spooky” Bleeding Cool


The Eyrie 

“It grabs you from the start and demands that you follow the narrative to its spine tingling conclusion.

 Reece Shearsmith

“Burgess has not only conjured up a classic ghost story that is actually scary, but also folklore that is completely plausible.” Rue Morgue

” Managing to be engaging and terrifying, The Eyrie should be top of the ‘to buy’ list for fans of horror comics new and old. ” Wight Blood

“The story pulls you in and races off coming to a neat conclusion giving us some nicely crafted characters and menacing supernatural villains along the way.”  Ukhorrorscene

“Drenched in foreboding, sinister atmosphere akin to The Wicker Man and The Woman in Black, The Eyrie is more than a horror comic; it’s a suspenseful, Gothic tale of the supernatural, begging to be read in a dark parlor by flickering firelight.”  Horrorfuel

” There’s a real chill to these pages, like the stalking horror is preparing to launch itself out of the frame and into our real world, which makes this a wonderful choice for midnight reading. Just don’t forget to leave the lights on. 10/10 ”  Starburst Magazine

“Edge-of-the-seat scary but impossible to turn away from and the story lingers long after you’ve found out the outcome.” Comicsanonymous

“Expect a grim tale that’s assembled beautifully” Horrornovelreviews

“Genuinely eerie and unnerving – uncanny in the best crepuscular tradition of our field.” Ramsey Campbell

“Thom has earned his dance among the ghosts. He stepped onto the floor with Malevolents, and the creative choreography within The Eyrie’s pages will pull you in just long enough to stop your heart” Comixcentral


Hallows Fell

“With Hallows Fell, Burgess has written a ghost story that draws a lot of inspiration from several classic folk stories, but also feels original and unique.” Horror Geek Life

“With a stunning level of detail that you won’t find in many other black and white comics – definitely worth a read” Dread Central

“HALLOWS FELL is an excellent one-shot that keeps you on your toes. Supernatural stories may be abundant, but Burgess adds new flavor to the recipe.” Comicsverse


“An EPIC canvas” Rue Morgue Magazine

“ it moves at an exciting pace that doesn’t waste a moment.” Superpowered Fancast

“A strong dose of horror and suspense” Dreadcentral

“An atmospheric and exciting new world of adventure”   Starburst Magazine



“A solid horror anthology through and through. Burgess is a rising star in the horror comics world and this book is further proof of that. It scratches a slightly different itch than his traditional comic work, but is just as terrifying.”  Horror Dna

“They are not just scary but also funny, touching, even happy – or at least make you wish for a happy ending. I thought the illustrations enhance the atmospheric, spooky vibe of the book. Each artwork showcases a variety of style and creativity. Some of them I would be afraid to find in the dark! If you love horror stories, this would be perfect for you.” Read By Dusk

“The stories were captivating, and surprisingly long. I was expecting to chew through this “graphic novel” in less than an hour, but it functions more as a novella. There’s a mix of panelled comics, illustrated stories and stand-alone pieces, so you tend to get a lot of bang for your buck.“ Rue Morgue